Saturday, 9 March 2013

In Addition, Three Things

I wrote the previous three articles in a literature-fuelled jag on Thursday night, and there's three things to bring up that have come up since then; 

- I'd like to revise my opinion of the Amazon Cloud service. It's wonderful if you have a tablet/smart phone and access to WiFi, the second of which, living out in the sticks, I don't. Anywhere with free wifi, though, you can stream or download to the device. Rather impressive. 

(Except, of course, that you can't tell it to store the music files in your iTunes folder, in the growing age of file format segregation; you can listen to your iTunes music through Amazon Cloud, but not the other way around, which is a little bizarre.) 

- In all actuality, I do now have a copy of the new Dido album. (Digital Deluxe edition, my BEES.) What made me laugh, though, is that you cannot find a physical copy locally for love nor money anywhere near where I live, i.e. in the major supermarkets. It's apparently the - I think - number three album in the country, but there aren't any record stores any more, and supermarkets can't help you. 

Well, it is Mother's Day tomorrow. 

- It is entirely possible that my incredibly bad David Gray pun in the previous entry has actually physically concussed Somik, but I know he's working on something as we speak. I can only apologise - to him, to you, to music fans everywhere. 

- James

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