Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Songs of the Week: April 10th 2013

I've been humming this all week so far. Less annoying than that should be, though. 

I thought this was The Cure from the intro, which will probably make Somik hate me. 

This video is oddly crackly, but the apparently official video is bone, so... 

Don't ask. Seriously. 


Because why the hell not, that's why. 


  1. Nice feature. Not sure where I stand on James Blake but that song is pretty decent. And yeah, Chairlift have been raiding Robert Smith's cupboards...

  2. It's more "things that are stuck in my head" than an actual useful feature, but thank you. It was either this or a searing up-to-the-minute commentary on recent political events. Well, not really. I was going to talk about how I've ended up viewing the 1980s as a cultural wasteland.

    I know what you mean about James Blake, though. Very odd in terms of placement.