Friday, 2 August 2013

Sundown Six: August 2nd, 2013

"Was it Gangsta's Paradise -

or I Got 5 On It?"

"In the car, playing. No matter how much we talked about it, we could never get the story straight. I hope it's The Luniz, you never hear 5 On It any more and Coolio still pops up occasionally. I bet the last thing you need is a reminder.


"Sorry. I'm really sorry. I've been stupid. I mean, really stupid. But they played my song anyway. So I have to dance because... Because... It's for... Dancing. 


"He says... 'Choose a track. Doesn't matter what it is - just that it matters to you. Stick it on, and turn it up. Close your eyes. And listen hard. Focus. Just feel the song. Let it sweep over you. Breather it in. Let it possess you. And when you can feel it filling every single cell of your body..."


"They're going to be bi... Actually, scratch that. They're never going to be big big. But they're going to be big to some people."


"Dorian writes the greatest Long Blondes lyrics. Taken blankly and performed, they'd be submissive little things. But Kate won't. She sings like the slave girl on her knees whose eyes are raised in a way which makes men reach for the whip."

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